iphone_hand_largeAt Restaurants

Know before you go by downloading the Let’s Eat Healthy app on your phone!  The app is available both on iTunes and the Google app store. You can get a head-start looking up nutritional information by using the app Let’s Eat Healthy, made possible from Measure Up Marion. Making healthier choices when you eat out means knowing your nutrition facts and its a great first step. What’s Your Step?

Some of the often hidden information in “healthy” choices is the level of sodium. Read our information on Why Choose Healthier Foods to read more about sodium and its role in chronic disease and stroke.

Choosing a salad is a good choice if you don’t load it up with fried chicken pieces or mayonnaise-based potato and pasta salads. Want to stay healthy? Top your salad with fresh veggies, different lettuces or even fresh fruit. Pick a low cal dressing, or use flavored vinegar.

restaurant_fact_sheetCriteria For Restaurants

These are the basic guidelines Measure Up Marion uses to determine if a restaurant’s offerings qualify to be considered a healthier option. A more detailed healthy restaurant guide, in PDF format, may be downloaded by clicking here.


  • Calories: 750 (maximum)
  • No more than 10% of calories from animal fats (saturated fat)
  • No more than 750 mg sodium

Additional Suggestions

  • Display healthier menu choices on a separate healthy menu poster/insert
  • 100% smoke free environment
  • May off discounts on healthy meals during National Nutrition Month (March)