Eating Healthier On A Budget

Looking for ways to cut your budget while eating healthy? The US Department of Agriculture offers resources to make it easier for you.

By accessing, you can:



  • Discover how much you could be saving
  • Get tips for making healthy, low-cost meals
  • Learn how to find the best deals



  • Tips and tricks for every aisle
  • Learn how the “unit price” leads to better buys
  • Make smarter choices using the food label



  • Create meals faster with kitchen timesavers
  • Tips for any family
  • Try new recipes your family will love!



  • Budget-conscious 2-week menus
  • Grocery and pantry staples lists
  • A cookbook that includes these 25 recipes

For more tips on eating healthy, use the site for information for kids, teens, adults and even nutrition professionals.