Let’s Make Healthy Connections

In Marion County, healthy connections are easier to find, thanks to Measure Up Marion. With partners helping with your health and well being, Measure Up Marion is making it easier to be healthy where you live, work, learn, worship and play.

Because chronic diseases touch every part of your life — including heart disease and diabetes — we aren’t as healthy as we could be. Marion County faces greater chronic diseases than most of the rest of the state. Measure Up Marion is trying to bring down the average, and bring up our low ranking.

What we call “chronic disease linkages” can be lowered through programs at work, with doctors and even with our neighbors. These connections, all part of Measure Up Marion’s work, include:

  • putting wellness in the workplace to help reduce chronic diseases;
  • increasing knowledge of — and connection to — MyHealthStory, which connects patients with doctors, hospitals and other caregivers. The patient portal gives access to your health records, allows your doctor to monitor your health, and make referrals electronically;
  • recruiting and training community health workers, so neighbors help neighbors; and,
  • helping physicians’ offices develop teams of healthcare experts to offer advice and assistance for patients managing chronic diseases, and to help other patients lower their risk of developing these diseases.