Let’s Be Healthy At Work

Consider This

  • 27% of rising healthcare costs are associated with increased obesity rates, increase of resulting in an annual $45 billion per year.
  • An unhealthy employee can cost up to an additional $2,500 annually in medical expenses and absences.
  • Obese employees have a higher average rate of absenteeism: approximately 2 more days of missed work yearly.

Change Starts With You

Skyrocketing healthcare costs have many employers seeking alternative solutions for encouraging employees to adopt healthier lifestyles to prevent costly chronic diseases. Healthcare costs cannot be controlled without maintaining and improving the health of employees. Therefore organizations are turning to worksite wellness programs to create healthier environments through health promotion programs, policy implementation, and system changes.

  • A 1% reduction in the number of employees who are overweight and have elevated blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol has been shown to save an organization approximately $100 per person in medical costs each year.1
  • Companies with worksite wellness programs experience an 8% increase in employee productivity.2

How We Can Help

Measure Up Marion in partnership with Barrett, Liner & Buss is striving to improve the health of Marion County residents by impacting the place they spend most of their waking hours…the worksite! By using the CDC’s Worksite Health ScoreCard, Measure Up Marion can:

  • Assess your organization to determine areas of greatest need
  • Develop a Worksite Wellness Team at the worksite that facilitates planning and implementation of wellness initiatives
  • Implement best practices in worksite wellness based specifically on the individual organization’s needs, interests and structure.

By implementing evidence-based strategies, worksites can offer comprehensive wellness programs geared toward improving, supporting, and maintaining healthy behaviors in the workplace, ultimately benefitting the organization’s bottom line.

For more information, please contact Bess Gortemoller at BessGortemoller@barrettlinerco.com or Laurel Lingle at LaurelLingle@barrettlinerco.com.

1 Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine
2 National Business Group on Health