Measure Up Marion is here to help with making steps towards a healthier lifestyle easy and fun.

We all know people who have started a diet or exercise routine only to go back to their previous ways. At the time, it seemed like a good idea to jump all in and work hard.
So what happened?

Let’s take a look at something we may already be successful at doing–riding a bicycle. Riding a bike is a very complicated coordination between our body, mind, muscles, and physics. If you know how to ride a bike you may remember the multiple steps it took to get to that stage. It did not happen instantly and immediately. And even if you learned very young, it was necessary for you to learn numerous coordinated muscle movements and balance long before you even touched a bike. These were all the steps that lead up to the success of riding a bike.

All the small steps add up to allow us to ride a bicycle. If we just “jump on” we may have trouble staying upright.

Like riding a bike, we can take steps, small easy steps over time, to make our lives healthier and more satisfying. These steps don’t need to be elaborate routines that will test our endurance and will power. No, these steps can be simple and basic. The success comes from the compounding power of these simple steps over time.

Simple Steps

Here are some examples of simple steps you might consider trying:

  • Trade a soda for a bottle of water each day
  • Walk to work or school
  • Try a new food like leafy greens (kale, collard or spinach)
  • Take a health education class
  • Look for tobacco free environments
  • Get up and move at work throughout the day
  • Avoid a food that might not be best for your body

It’s Really Is Up To You

ItsUpToYouLiving a healthier life involves being aware. If we are aware of what makes us feel and function better we will move in that direction. It’s up to you to decide if you want to take the steps needed to create a healthier you. The beauty is that the steps don’t have to be complicated. And best of all, YOU decide what those steps will be. No one thing is best for everyone, and only you can decide what’s best for you. If you really think about it and look at your life there are probably several steps you’ve been wanting to take for yourself.

Start small and take small steps. If you have a larger goal, that’s great! Simply break up that larger goal into many small steps. When you succeed with one step, add another. Move at your pace and do what works for you. Enjoy your progress along the way and smile because each step is making your life healthier.

Sharing Your Steps

As we mentioned, everyone is different. Because of this there are countless steps people can take towards a healthier lifestyle. Some steps may not appeal to some people while other steps are exactly what someone needed at that right moment. The steps you’re taking may help others as well, or inspire them to create their own steps.

We need to hear what steps you’re taking to live a healthier life. Our goal for this website is to have a lengthy list of healthy living steps that will inspire, motivate, and enrich the lives of the people in our community. Please share with us your steps towards a healthier life by filling out the What’s Your Step? form below. Thank you!

What's Your Step?

Marion County is getting healthier! Every step helps moves us towards a healthier life.

Now we’d like to know What’s Your Step? From eating better, to exercising to learning about your health, every step counts.

Share with us what you’re doing to make life healthier for you and those around you. And who knows, we may even share your story to help inspire others.