Measure Up Marion Program

Measure Up Marion is here for one main purpose: to help make our county raise its ranking1 and to do it by helping our residents live happier, healthier lives where we live, work, worship, learn and play. Our goal is to improve our ranking – to measure up.

We are challenging residents to take conscious aware actions and determine their answer to the question–What’s your Step? What’s Your Step? simply poses the question. While there are obviously a wide range of answers to the question ‘What’s Your Step?’ no answer is a wrong answer. From the smallest steps to larger goals, all efforts are welcome. What’s Your Step?

We are working hard to make changes by:

  • increasing access to healthier foods in:
    • neighborhood stores
    • vending and concession choices
    • restaurants
  • improving access to, and affordability in, farmers’ markets by having them accept all forms of payment
  • helping children in after-school and summer recreation programs learn how to identify healthy food options
  • lowering exposure to second-hand smoke and increasing tobacco free and smoke free properties in:
    • multi-unit housing
    • restaurants, especially patios and entrances
    • parks and recreational areas
    • faith community campuses
  • increasing the number of people who can avoid, reduce or manage chronic diseases with the help of community and clinical help by:
    • building and strengthening a community health worker network in our outlying areas
    • providing and expanding worksite wellness to area businesses and agencies
    • creating multi-disciplinary teams in clinical settings
    • utilizing current technology for accessing and sharing health information through an electronic health information exchange

Those reasons are why we’re here. How we came to be here is another story.

Our partner organizations joined together and, through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Partners in Community Health (PICH) award, we are able to lead an initiative in Marion County that helps improve the health of our community and prevent and reduce our rates of chronic disease.

We are proud that we are one of only four funded programs in Florida, and one of only 39 funded programs in the entire U.S.

Locally, Measure Up Marion is a partnership of Marion County community health advocates and organizations coordinated by Heart of Florida Health Center.

1Measured in the County Health Rankings and Roadmap released by the University of Wisconsin and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

2Unfunded partner